Races can be completed either as an individual or as a team of two to three people. Mixed gender teams are welcomed.


Mountain biking, trail running and GeoCatching are the three disciplines that our races will include. Depending however on where the event will be hosted, some disciplines may not always be incorporated.


The sequence in which the various disciplines will be completed will only be revealed at race registration where competitors will receive maps and other race info. The sequence varies from race to race.


The breakdown of the three disciplines is only made known on the actual race day and once the competitor has collected their race information at registration. We do this not because we are last minute planners but because knowing beforehand erases the excitement and suspense – which we feel is part of the adventure! Most of the races will however follow a rough distance breakdown, such as the following;

60% Mountain biking,
30% Trail running, and
10% GeoCatching


Important race information will be communicated over social media and email a week before the race kicks off. Other essential information and gear such as maps, check point descriptions and clip cards will be provided at registration. Before each race a briefing will occur, allowing competitors to voice their concerns and queries. It is therefore essential for ALL competitors to arrive on time on race day in order to partake in such briefing and register accordingly.


Since local is lekker, all races will occur in and around Cape Town. Such locations will primarily occur in Table Mountain Nature Reserve, Tygerberg Nature Reserve, Silvermine Nature Reserve and Ratanga Junction.